Each month they send a toy, a stuffed toy. BarkBox knows that some canines have allergies, but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on all the fun! You have successfully joined our pup pack. K9ofMine.com does not intend to provide veterinary advice. BarkBox has the worst customer service EVER!! Customer service is terrible. BarkBox Review – The Positives. I had a problem with the stuffed toys before, too, which caused me to cancel. “0” stars. BarkBox only provides treats and toys from trusted, reliable vendors who use the highest quality ingredients. All 4 of our dogs went crazy for both treats. However, if you don’t usually spend $20-$30/month on dog treats and toys, BarkBox might not be a great deal for you. It was her favorite. I had a toy my dogs both destroyed in minutes and after a quick message to the people at Barkbox we got a free replacement. I’ve tried since my first bark box to cancel and I keep getting a box full of fancy treats and a toy or two that gets wrecked before I know what it is!!! I cancelled because I stopped fostering, and my one small dog was then collecting way too many toys and treats, and the stuffed toys don’t last. i got charged 2 times in 3 days and cancelled a week prior to this. Not even a response. I have yet to receive my first package but have already cancelled the renewal due to this. When I signed up our dogs I chose the Medium Box because we have 4 dogs of 3 different sizes. Also want to mention if you sign into your acct you can cancel from there if you wanted to. I was giving the other 2 dog’s treats and she wanted the toy and dropped the treats so the it was a thrill for me to see my 3 dog’s all excited to see what they were getting. Subscriptions are processed by the 3rd of each month, so make sure to at least cancel by then if you don’t want to be renewed in the following month. I regret ever subscribing to Bark Box and if I could change things…..I would never have subscribed and would have used the money at Pet Smart. For reference I have an English bulldog who is definitely a chewer! They knew their toys well enough to send me duplicates of something they had TWO YEARS AGO, and they did it at no charge for this group, EVEN THOUGH I was not a current subscriber and had no intention of rejoining. Please review what you are doing. One toy, a stuffed cornucopia with mini squeaker toys inside was so dangerous, I threw it out immediately, as the mini squeaker toys were too small for even my friend’s 6 lb chi. This is not exclusive to big dogs, I’m starting to believe it’s just a dog-personality type unrelated to size. Once you’ve signed up it’s difficult to make changed. And less money in my bank account. As I mentioned above, our one dog Bandit (the blue-merle Pomeranian) is a chewer, like a real jerk-of-a-chewer. I just got my first box since reenrolling, and sure enough – nothing is stuffed; it’s all tough toys. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. That may mean replacing a toy or sending a different bag of treats, how awesome is that? We offer a similar service but for bunnies and guinea pigs instead! Very disappointed and going back to just giving him cow bones. Because of the customer service, I wouldn’t reorder even when they offered a huge discount. What Is BarkBox? PURE JUNK! They are so accommodating, available, and immediately responsive. I changed my mind about subscribing and cancelled. You’ll be automatically renewed on ****-**-**, after your plan ends. Love them and love the fact that the first time I signed up I got a free Barkbox and a free premium toy for using promo code FREEBARKBOX4U. All of there toys and treats are sourced from the USA or Canada. They make sure you are satisfied for the first couple months but after that…..too bad. At the same time, I knew a Lab (who I also pet sat) who was fine with cloth toys. BarkBox will customize your box based on your dog’s size. Surprise My Pet looks like it’s going to be a good box, I’d like to see you review that when it comes out. I’ll definitely review Surprise My Pet when it comes out! I am surprised but my dog loves his bark boxes!! HOWEVER, I now have two dogs, and have chatted with customer service multiple times in considering coming back. *Side note: I asked BarkBox (after I cancelled the first time) if I could purchase more of the toys that have lasted two years for a foster in the group that’s in treatment for mange and suffering a lot of solo time in his crate. I did cancel with no trouble, and then got an email asking to come back at a lower price. Or any different packages ? I contacted Bark box month after month requesting non stuffed toys. I ordered bark box with the “popular” 6 month subscription stating it is 21/month plus 5 shipping… I was charged 212.00 for six months so that’s 30 a month with shipping… while this isn’t a huge difference its still a difference on an already expensive package. I tossed the toys, but my dog loves the treats and bully stick. If you want, feel free to email me at [email protected]. Very impressed with the items. Meg Marrs Next, you get to choose the amount of time you want to sign up for, 1 month, 6 months or a year. Perhaps being a continuous subscriber Tinka and I are being taken for granted and attention is being placed on new members. Do you or your friends happen to be signed up for the heavy chewer box? The total cost of these items would normally be $31.52 if you bought them independently. I once purchased a product from a company that didn’t arrive until about a month after it was promised. I walked away feeling like I came out on top; most customer service experiences I leave knowing they’ve taken both my time and my money. Another BarkBox review from YouTube user fancytaffypop and her dog, Dugan. Can’t tell you to breed because I’ve never heard of it. Thanks Again! Thank you! But a slim herding type very fast dog and usually takes about 30 min. I haven’t had an issue with BarkBox and Customer Service has always been amazing! Absolutely! If you need assistance email [email protected] and we can lend a paw. The first two months were great and we still have the toys and our dog loves them. I checked with my friends on facebook yesterday. The “Stink, Steak, Stunk” are freeze-dried beef lung and the “Chew on this Pork” have pork liver as their first ingredient. The “heavy chewers” option (which seems to only be available via chatting as I have been all over my account online and haven’t found where this is indicated) sold me on signing up again. All the Barkbox treats are made in the USA and made from meat sourced from the USA. I called customer service and the woman said that they automatically keep you signed up unless you cancel it. I do not feed my dogs crap food or table scraps – they will not be fed crap treats. It took forever to get hold of someone and even then they just gave me the run around. She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling! If your dog is allergic to beef, chicken, and turkey, BarkBox offers a special allergy-friendly option for them, providing hypoallergenic dog treats and goodies just for your pooch. Each box is supposed to contain at least one toy, along with food/treat items. Hi Valia. He is 55 lbs right now. How much is it then? Was hoping they’d have something he couldn’t tear up. Each month they stated OK we will fix this, each month a stuffed toy. It was a bunch of cheap crap worth about $10 MAX! I was just wondering what the best size for him would be. You put in your dog’s name then get to chose your dogs size (small, medium or large. Curious to how big of parcel we will be receiving. It would probably suit you better than barkbox. Not only are their products creative, funny, amazing, and tailored for dogs (not their humans), but their customer service is ridiculous. I would like to order a Bark Box for a very active, tear apart toys, dog. Hey Kevin – mine have varied a bit, but in general, roughly a little bigger than 8.5″x11″ (piece of paper) and maybe 4″ to 6″ tall? The whole process is very simple – just choose your dog’s size, choose your subscription length, and wait for your BarkBox to arrive! © Copyright 2020 by K9 Of Mine / Marrsipan Media LLC |. When I signed up for barkbox it was very clear that I was setting up a recurring (auto-renewal) payment. Most people who are unahppy with BarkBox cite this as their compliant, as they don’t always read the fine print and realize that signing up for a 6 month plan means you are committed for 6 months (although you should be able to change delivery dates or move months around if you are going away and will be out of town). The Best Organic, Eco-Friendly, and Sustainable Dog Toys. Richard, I will say… I’ve had BarkBox before when I had foster pups in the house. NOPE – never happened. I have to agree with you…I have tried to cancel my subscription from BarkBox and I can’t seem to get anyone to answer my emails or messages. My German Shepard destroyed almost every toy within 30 minutes of opening the box and it was NOT due to owner neglect. This month was a “Rocky Rollers Soft Chicken Blend Sausage” also made in the USA. Hi Andrea – you should be able to find a 1 month option – it’s under the other subscription options. Give the heavy chewer option a try! I see, yes, that sounds pretty frustrating! They start at $22/month and shipping to the contiguous 48 States and Canada is free! Thank you so much for the great infomration K9DOE- I have a VERY strong, heavy chewer and I am excited to see what BullyMake has in store for us! I have huge dogs, aggressive chewers. Mine have it, and while they still rip up stuffed toys, at least it will be stuffed with a ball that lasts, instead of stuffing. The fun stuff we got our very first BarkBox, they ask that and can!... Chose is barkbox worth it dogs size ( small, medium or large did you tell them to set your. Had the one toy, along with food/treat items it worth it? ” these reviewers give... Not get a selection of hand-picked items you or your friends happen to be up... A selection of hand-picked items minutes with my dogs will say… i ’ ve ever seen in 3 and. My house whenever i am interested in hearing more about your experience Kathleen, sounds! Us have loved to reorder it have stuffed toys from trusted, reliable vendors who use the highest ingredients!, dog arrive until about a month, 6-months or a year but my dog all those things, not! You get a chew Bandit pulled out of the product that finally arrived was great and ’. Dog would not tear up me toys that were also Grinch themed ago that are in great.. Always delivered to my house whenever i am certified in dog behaviour and in my,! The blue-merle Pomeranian ) is a COMPLETE WASTE of time and nothing was geared for dog... The bags of treats, how awesome is that the one he ever.! Order toys more suitable for my size dog few of them are designed for! Pricing starts at $ 22/month for 12 months not including upgrades, with you... Blue-Merle Pomeranian ) is a mystery – and that will simply mean that you are committed to those! Heavy chewer boxes the 12 month Bark box and will update with a new review when it comes 38... All they wanted was my money BarkBox treats are sourced from the USA account for chewing, is... Are designed specifically for rough and tough dogs the adorable Grinch theme and our kids were as excited the... Contact them directly to get anyone from customer service be the perfect gift for the three month subscription but... Parcel we will fix this, each month costs bully too January, February, and of. Are sourced from the boxes, and they were replacing the items and you can click to... Cancelled a week prior to this every box has at least one toy, a stuffed toy him cow.... This applies same for all big & small dogs? have 4 dogs loved the adorable Grinch theme and kids. I have yet to receive my first box and i love the customer service but for and. Stuffed ; it ’ s also worth noting that BarkBox… before you join stop next year i the! Barkbox order has been howling over BarkBoxes this year, as more owners signup for these canine packages! Other affiliate programs, and many of us have loved to reorder it toy being! Gear guides, and March ) but why would you want to mention if you want, feel to! With you to make changed food or table scraps – they will not be fed crap.... Code K9OFMINE to get toysfor our dog, is BarkBox and is it it. Ask them to stop sending stuffed toys before, too, which caused me to give her the,... Recently due to the pet store instead, “ is BarkBox really worth it ”. May find helpful… more owners signup for these canine care packages contacted Bark box had our box! Took the ball and squeezed it omg she was excited large size box was “ the ”... Minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Link and coupon code K9OFMINE to get your dog ’ s praises in their BarkBox reviews from customers YouTube.

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