Anyway...BP can or not beat Superman here? Who Would Win? BP could put something like that together and Superman would be susceptible to it. 8 With Chef Magnus Nilsson, Meeting the Women of ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ With Lauren Zima and Juliet Litman. Black Panther (real name is T'Challa) is the fictional superhero of Marvel Comics. Round 2: Street fight. (As I mentioned before, in the Darkseid War arc of the Justice League comics, Peter Tomasi imbued Batman with the powers of precognition, teleportation, and telepathy, which is weird and cool but cheating and not canon. But no matter. Year, 6 months, 1 month? Well,I am aware that Supes is smart,but isnt BP smarter?He wouldnt take Supes heads on.With prep for a year and some type of plan it "could" be possible.I'm not saying he win all the time,just take with prep and smart planning its in his chracter to win.I'm sure most,if not all would agree on Supes winning all battles even BP had prep that long.I'm basically thinking and saying its possible.Not saying it would happen.I do believe Supes win hands down.Just it wont be easy.Just my thoughts!Also,sorry but my computer wont let me reply for some reason.SMH! But no matter. Next Battle. So...he can't. ?I'm not sure but the BP fans or Supes fans would know if this would work! Batman has created plans and weapons to beat the JLA if the members of this group would become dangerous to the world. Supes beats Black Panther simply because Black panther does not know him,Even if He decided to bring all the wakandan weapons and warriors he will still lose,besides where will BP get kryptonite. It also has those silver shards along the collarbone that remind me of the snake chain Kendrick Lamar was wearing in the "Humble." T'Challa has always been one of the most foremost heroes in the Marvel Universe, a member of the Avengers and monarch, well known for his ability to kick butt and take names.. RELATED: Black Panther: The 10 Strongest Wakandans, Ranked Take a cue from this guy. Each is spurred on by defining elements of childhood trauma. And so I ask: Who would win in a fight, Batman or Black Panther? Spider-Man vs. Black Panther. These bio-memory life hacks are almost always explained away by money, sabbaticals in the Himalayas, or just accepted as things Batman does because he’s Batman, "The World’s Greatest Detective.". You are asking about a fight just figure out how Black Panther will survive without a kryptonite and some serious external help. But Batman and Black Panther also differ in a number of ways. Batman won using known weaknesses of Superman, and I believe Panther can do the same. Well there was a feat of him ripping the logos apart. Both have one big weakness: thundering hubris. 36%. Which Single-Season NFL Records Are Poised to Fall in 2020? Batman can't beat Superman. He can also do nifty stuff like make 10 minutes’ worth of oxygen last for an hour with controlled breathing and scan his memories like Deckard using that 6-inch TV in Blade Runner. He could do it in a day. ‘Mank’ Isn’t a Love Letter. Using it successfully would rely on technology/magic bringing BP (or at least his red sun weaponry) up to Superman's level, or exploiting the personality and character of Superman to bring him down to BP's. The logos is basically a fusion of master order and lord chaos (with some in Betweener in him). As well as use Wakandan magic. You are indeed where you belong. As in, like, "more fly," not — OK, anyway: Yeah. BP can not win, unless you do not have a piece of kryptonite, but he does not have it. Ra's did, but using Batman's plans. No one? That was good for third place in Time’s ranking of richest superheroes. @Jayfournines: I know. I agree. @CitizenBane: Thank you for that post. Yep, but according to many users, if Luthor and Batman can't beat Superman, so ... how can BP succeed in this colossal battle without even a piece of kryptonite? I was just saying that that would be the only way he would have a chance. Hahaha, it's funny that you think opposing opinions would ever slow me down. Nick Fury vs. Tony Stark, Who Won ‘The Avengers’? No one beats supes,,,he's America's golden shining idol,,,he will never die and when he does he will rise from the dead and sell more comics because everyone loves him...the day superman will lose to anyone is when his numbers drop that's it...he has even survived encounters with green kryptonite and lived through it based on WIS,PIS it will never change, black panther with a year easy all he has to do is use red sun or magic. @Buckshot said: @KingAres109 said: I thought this that,is it possible that BP can create some type device that uses red sun manipulation or radiation? Well, that’s not entirely true. Batman already fought Superman just like that.....he lost. Long before big boards, draft guides, or even Wi-Fi, the Usenet Mock Draft was the go-to place to geek out about the next class of rookies entering the NBA, The NFL’s COVID-19 Tightrope Act Is Facing Another Stress Test. It absorbs energy and stops bullets, plus it’s got retractable adamantium cat claws. Well, given the conditions of the OP, I think Panther can still win. Where was Black Panther in that same ranking, you ask? The fact that can not beat Superman in unconditional sense is obviously your opinion, which I'd also like to know why you think Batman can not. Both are very smart; both do a lot of blank staring across conference tables while dumber people talk. A quick detour to 2039: Privacy has been all but stamped out by psychic police and holographic caller ID, so Batman safeguards his secret identity by doing things like blowing up entire crime labs to obfuscate a single blood sample, dosing people with psychotropic drugs, and wearing ceramic vampire teeth. Yeah. I said earlier that Batman used a kryptonite bonding agent and a mech suit to fold Superman like a lawn chair, and that was true. And it worked. Or adamantium claws. votes (2) facebook (8) twitter (3) pinterest. Why ‘The Avengers’ Is So Important to Pop Culture, There’s a Reason Why Hollywood Loves a Good Body Swap. Press J to jump to the feed. Batman is a paranoid and he must always be ready for everything. This is to say that the way their fight went down in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was not at all how it happened in Batman v Superman; I’ve been upset about this for a solid year. Batman has managed to create the synthetic kryptonite because it has real pieces of kryptonite in his Batcave. To while away that inhumanely long period of time between now and February 2018, I propose that we do what fans have always done while waiting for things to happen: argue over hypotheticals. But if you want numbers: In 2013, Forbes estimated Wayne’s net worth at $9.2 billion. It’s a Withering, Cryptic, Flawed Missive. What logic is this? Hmm......... Dang. Tom 2 years ago. Do you think Superman won't be depowered by red sunlight? @Alexander505: I said the only way that Black Panther could win would be a Tower Of Babel situation. They’ve both got penchants for strong-arm tactics, exit strategies, brooding, and black clothing. So Black Panther would definitely win in a fight, then? Christian Wood was cut in China just three years ago, but he looked like a revelation last season in Detroit. T’Challa, again, is king of Wakanda, the richest and most technologically advanced nation in the world. Why Superman is a symbol of hope and can not be touched, beat or killed. Techinically, I mean. Exactly. @Buckshot: So what do yo think on amount of time needed? To be clear, this isn’t the Illuminati that Jay-Z and Rick Ross and Lady Gaga are supposed to be in. With the exception of Peter Tomasi turning him into a god, the hero’s core principles are usually the same: über-knowledgeable, handy with the mitts, absolutely terrible at parties. Well,I wouldnt say that would beat him up in a straight up fight.Its asinine to think or believe in a straight up they could win aganist a Kryptonian.But if Supes didnt have his powers,Batman and Black Panther would seriously hurt Supes!Maybe even kill him! If one wants, also BP can beat Superman, although it is not Batman or Luthor. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Plus, Dads Vol. King and protector of the fictional African nation of Wakanda. This is how he was situated within the larger DC Extended Universe by last year’s Batman v Superman. And could one punter break a mark that’s stood for 80 years? @blackadamFTW: Thanks. @Alexander505: Then with the amount of time BP is given to prep for the match, why can't he be able to beat Supes? (He also wears lace-up paratrooper combat boots; Robin is a slovenly mechanic with a hoop earring; Oracle is a misty-eyed teenager — it’s bizarre, darkly realistic, and well worth $20.). Pretty interesting your imagination. Can he take him out with that much prep time? Tower of Babel is the only story where Superman was actually almost killed. But here’s the thing: Black Panther put the devil on his ass and then ripped said devil’s heart out with his bare hands, all in about five seconds. ?I'm not sure but the BP fans or Supes fans would know if this would work!There's no reason it wouldn't work.

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