endobj Safety Data Sheet Page 1 of 5. Hazardous Reactions Corrosive … Belongs to highly hazardous substances (hazard class 2). The guaranteed shelf life is one year from the date of manufacturing. Polypropylene bags with valve and polyethylene insert with a capacity of 25 kg; air-tight polyethylene FFS bags of 5H4 air-tightness class with a capacity of 25 kg palletized and fixed on pallets up to 1,000 kg, covered with stretch film using the Stretch Hood wrapping technology; special single-use big bags for bulk stocks made of polypropylene fabric with a maximum net weight of 1,000 kg. Do NOT induce vomiting. MOLECULAR MASS: Search results for sodium hydroxide 1.5M at Sigma-Aldrich. x��ks�6�{f��Q�)�A��u:��j��vl�.wM? (��h.�\YN.���� �@ɑ�d�*E��v�}����z~3�Z�_~��ӫO�k���ry������lt6��/���r1�x���[G���l��������"�b��ei�b��*�S�)Ŋ�f{/��[�xy��b�g)�zy������q�4�8�r�.�`ԫ�n��얾eŷW{/~�Ͼ����>W��P �5\ƃ)\�gt�3��.� ��QLwS�������$�?��?�^L ��{/�OY�D� ��@��'�8��\�[�$:~&yɓ(�DaW�a,���Q���\��˻n1�m�\�.��n�9Z�4F��-/�V�L�z��H%[���CM#-�@�AeH��[�H,���~�@�x3>>d�n-�h$��3IzF��.��,�O�h����>'\��3�H�E�0ԃ�t���������)i>�07W�^�,��R�(��N., �TX|�BA�R�3�D�7?y8%v�y���,He�~�F����p_���0\�d���M�~��/p֏&�a TOP GRADE. Product REACH registration �x䇣G��)��j "|m� Sodium hydroxide, solid SDS for Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) printed from http://www.certified-lye.com/SDS-Lye.pdf www.Certified-Lye.com 7�Z�x�;��kL�#�GxwqI�����i��C�tdb���*�������7C9`G���sX�N�|����A9���謋�m�T+��T�s Sodium Hydroxide Pearl Section 1: Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company / undertaking 1.1 Product Identifier Product Name Sodium Hydroxide Pearl Other Names Caustic Soda CAS No. ���^�/$�V�K�ר�2��J>��C��� ��T%,K"�|� �w�P�+�E��g#��(.�'�Y�I��LV��Yڿ�|�Na>������=s�a���+�K�o��`�UXԴ�T�a�Eũ9p�Ѯ����p����jS��]A��k�p�H9���p?���$��i�;�vҢ^q���X�W�� $W ,b2Np[�7�e����V�=`P�ƛҥƗ��;(�gj"�`S��(���tM�97��ܵ?�V(X*S���o�Z/���hجwۊ��7�%��:������~.�*�~���LM��\�d*� �OAqId��‘�s��V��?��B�%M�V.�ǠP4lKR���P`p쁲E�9��絟y�������cm��`���S�aփ�ӹ=� *Please select more than one item to compare %PDF-1.7 ���E$Y�H1XE�-�ɮ��"#�� ����v1_� 8>=�3��g���5^k���p?�́�Wx5��h��(�K;��=�z��Oִ� �W���EC�� �y=���4���7�`��(��k�x��@�������L-�߀��c�}��]�����B�� ��G�crv5���2J�t�⣔���������6~OT��[=���P�.7�J�D?o��>ߍ�!��t�������|s�[�yHC*w endobj (sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrate) In textile, glass, rubber and other industries. Transport in bulk according to Annex II … packaging in food industry (dairy plants, fat-and-oil plants, liquor enterprises, tobacco stored in covered warehouses excluding ingress of moisture. endobj 4 0 obj ��~0�1z������t���m;�. Recommended Use: For manufacturing, industrial, and laboratory use only. <>/Metadata 606 0 R/ViewerPreferences 607 0 R>> Sodium hydroxide, 50 wt% solution in water Revision Date 05-Mar-2018 Stability Stable under recommended storage conditions. burns in case of contact with skin. STO 00203275-206-2007 rev. Caustic Soda Pearls 99% (Sodium Hydroxide), Product REACH registration Causes chemical The packaged product should be transported by all covered transport means in conformity with We use cookies to improve our website and your experience when using it. 1 0 obj Caustic substance. stream <> (sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrate) STO 00203275-206-2007 rev. 40,0. plants, etc.). In chemical, gas, metallurgy, petrochemical industries. Should be mass, %, min, Fraction of sodium chloride total mass, %, max, Fraction of iron converted to iron oxide (Fe.

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