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Once your company sends in all the necessary paperwork, a Dispatcher will be assigned to your account. Your designated Truck Dispatcher’s duties is to understand your lanes, schedule, and types freight to be carried. They will work closely with you throughout this initial process. Our Dispatchers are professionals and thoroughly understand the freight market.
Our goal is to keep you and your equipment moving at profitable rates utilizing our dispatching strategies. Drivers may have requests as to where they would like to drive, and those requests will always be reasonably honored if the Owner- Operator utilizes their own equipment, but we will always express our concern if you decide to travel to a non-desirable area.

Dispatching FAQS

Get answers to all your questions about our dispatching services. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, give us a call at 516-596-8800 or contact us!
We will use brokers/shippers that pays the highest freight per mile. If your company is worried about the broker/shipper’s ability to pay, we can perform credit checks if desired. We only accept freight loads from reputable freight brokers that we know pay correctly. We have numerous freight Brokers that steadily call us offering us their freight loads to our truck base. They’ve realized that by proposing their freight loads to our Owner Operators base they receive professional service and more importantly they avoid putting their loads on load board.
Once we have all your paperwork and our Truck Dispatcher understands your freight needs, then he/she will begin searching for loads. They will present you with the best loads options and discuss lane, rate, weight, type of freight being carried, single or multiple pick/drop, and other pertinent load information. If you decline the load, we will search for another one until you are satisfied. However, this back-and-forth process with a Carrier and Broker/Shipper can be very demanding and freight can be sold to another Carrier during this time-sensitive negotiating process. Our Truck Dispatchers always use professional judgment and are trained to find the best paying freight. We heavily emphasize to our clients to inform us beforehand as to what acceptable per mile rate they will be comfortable with to avoid freight being sold to another carrier during this process.
We recommend Driver should have a smart phone for a Tracking App, so Dispatcher can track Driver for any check call made by broker/ shipper/customer.
Generally, the rate confirmation will reflect all payment terms and conditions, but if requested, we will send you the broker’s/shipper’s set-up contract. A broker’s/shipper’s contract thoroughly describes their payment terms and conditions.
Once a load is booked, all the involved parties will be emailed the original rate confirmation. Your assigned Truck Dispatcher will send a text or email with all the load information to the driver. We expect every client Carrier and Driver to have email and text messaging capability.
Of course, you may not be interested in every freight load that our truck dispatchers find for you, and if there is a freight load that does not match your necessities, just say NO to us, plain and simple. Your truck dispatch will keep on looking for a freight load that suits you, until he/she finds you one that you like. But keep in mind, if we commit for a freight to a broker/shipper/customer , if Driver will fall out on that freight , due to unfavorable situations , we might not get freight from them in future, brokers/customers does performance history check and if Carrier has low rating or no rating, we might get low freight rate or may be denied to get the load.
A factoring company purchases a carrier’s receivable at discounted rates, usually from 2%-3% of the gross paying load, essentially advancing payment for that load. Generally, a carrier utilizing a factoring company, should see payment directly deposited into their bank account within 24-48 hours upon completion of the load. A carrier utilizes a factoring company’s service due to the carrier’s high costs involved with operating a trucking company and lack of liquidity. Routine costs that carriers are burden with are Driver and staff payrolls, fuel, insurance, truck payments, maintenance and breakdowns,etc. Unless a carrier has a strong balance sheet or working capital, we strongly recommended carriers utilize this service and we can assist your company in becoming acquainted with a reputable factoring company.
No. Those concerns need to be addressed with the broker/shipper and/or a carrier’s factoring company. We can just ask them on your behalf, but they will deal with you directly. How often payment must be submitted to us for services rendered? Unless other arrangements have been established, payment must be submitted on a weekly basis. the FEES ONLY will be billed on Monday for the previous week’s delivered loads and payment would be automatically withdrawn from Client carrier’s bank account (no extra charge) or credit/debit card at 3% extra charge.


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