So why pay another trucking dispatch services 10% or more on every load? A FLAT 5 % basic package plan for all carriers,
The Benefits of outsourcing your dispatch

Single Owner-Operator or Company with multiple trucks, Companies looking for front-haul or back-haul loads can work with us.

1. Work 1 on 1 with a professional Truck Dispatcher. At the max 3-4 trucks will be handled by a dispatcher for effective working.
2. Work schedule is made for the week.
3. Reduce payroll taxes.
4. Reduce unemployment insurance or unemployment taxes and payrolls.
5. Reduce software expenses, no more searching load boards.
6. Reduce business expenses
7. No more FILLING and Filing out burdensome paperwork.
8. Reduce health insurance premiums
9. No more freight negotiating
10. Reduce office expenses
11. Enjoy the benefits of working with a freight consultant.
12. Perform Credit check of Broker or shipper before accepting any load.
13. Tracking of the load, communication with all the parties until delivered safely.
14. Sending BOL, POD, shipping documents, Carrier Invoices directly to Customer/Broker or factoring company.
15. Follow up with the carrier Invoice payments, collection emails etc.
16. Directly receive 100% payment from broker, shipper or factoring company, we would not handle your payments.

SIGN UP PROCESS: What do you need from me in order to begin work for your trucking company dispatch?

We need below mentioned documents from you:

  • Current active insurance certificate reflecting industry norms of $1,000,000 Auto liability and $100,000 cargo Liability insurance
  • Completed I.R.S. form W9.
  • MC authority acceptance document.
  • Dispatcher-Carrier agreement filled and signed. This is NOT A TERM CONTRACT.
  • Dispatch authorization form filled and signed. In this form you authorize us to accept freight loads for you, fill out Brokers/Customer Carrier set up packets for you and sign Load confirmations and contact your insurance company for every load. It is like a power of attorney where you authorize to book loads for you in your name and you don’t have to fill out any paper work.
  • (One of our Representatives will e-mail your company our standard Dispatch-Carrier agreement and Power of Attorney). Also, your company should be able to provide at least three (3) references, but in no case are the references required.


Once your company sends in all the necessary paperwork, a Dispatcher will be assigned to your account. Your designated Truck Dispatcher’s duties is to understand your lanes, schedule, and types freight to be carried. They will work closely with you throughout this initial process. Our Dispatchers are professionals and thoroughly understand the freight market.

Our goal is to keep you and your equipment moving at profitable rates utilizing our dispatching strategies. Drivers may have requests as to where they would like to drive, and those requests will always be reasonably honored if the Owner- Operator utilizes their own equipment, but we will always express our concern if you decide to travel to a non-desirable area.